The Legal Status Regarding the Columbus Armadillo - What You Can and Can't Do

Armadillos are Columbuscreature with poor eye sight. They mostly rely on their sense of smell when looking for foods. During the process of hunting for food, they will accidentally damage the plants and flowers in our yard. Once they decided to establish a habitat in our property, these can also cause structural damage especially if the soil that holds the foundation of the structure has been dislodged. Homeowners will look for ways to get rid of them to prevent this from happening.

Is it Legal to Trap an Georgia Armadillo?

Before capturing the Georgia armadillo, be sure that the method that you will use is allowed in your state. Armadillo is usually not included in the list of the protected species in most of the states. Nonetheless, you still want to verify this information before conducting your removal method.


Since the Columbus armadillo is considered as unprotected creatures, this means that you are allowed to trap them as long as it is within your property. Trapping them outside of your property is regulated under the law. You will have to acquire a permit from the local department. They will then issue a particular trapping device that bears the number, the contact information, and your name. They will also provide you with a stern instruction on how you can conduct your trapping method and the number of armadillos that you are allowed to catch.

Keeping Them as Pets

There are Georgia people who will keep them as pets rather than releasing them back in their natural habitat. Most of the time, this is considered illegal. The government is placing certain restrictions with regards to keeping wild creatures such as armadillo. Keeping an armadillo in captivity without the license or permit will lead to legal consequences. In case you want to keep them as pet, be sure to obtain the necessary permit. You will have to purchase the armadillo from a licensed supplier. Again, consult the wildlife department of your city and state to gain additional information on the legal status of this tiny creature.

Killing the Armadillo

It is legal to kill a Columbus armadillo that is infesting your yard. However, we highly discourage you from doing so. Any wild animals should not experience any unnecessary suffering during the process. Should the local wildlife department discover that you used a method that tormented them, you will have to face legal issues and fines. Be sure to use the legal method as the last resort. There are different humane and non-lethal methods that can help you deal with the invasion of armadillo.

Knowing the legal status of the armadillo will help you look for a method to exclude them that will not violate the law. In case you find it too troublesome to obtain permit, there are local armadillo removal expert that are willing to assist you. They went through a series of trainings and seminars that are required to obtain the necessary permit. They can guarantee that the removal process will be performed within legal boundary.

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