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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Trenton! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Trenton, NJ. Launched more than a decade ago, we are your leading wildlife control company. We believe that an excellent service will speak for itself. We are a company that takes pride in helping the locals solve their wildlife infestation problems and ensure that their property will remain free from vermin for the years to come. We are a company that is focused on growth. We believe that there is no end to the journey towards our company’s development. We are keen on creating a work environment that continues to challenge our staff, keeps them motivated, and encourages them to continue with their learning and training. We know how expensive the damages of the wildlife can be. It is imperative to find a solution that will end it once and for all to mitigate the related costs. We have been continually improving our skills and building barriers that will protect your house against the unwanted visits of these animals. These are some of the things that make us different from the other company. We treat our job seriously but not too seriously that we already forget to have fun. We understand that each wildlife problem is unique that requires a personalized approach. Call us now at 609-358-0161 for your Trenton wildlife control needs.

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Trenton Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: What to Do If You Find a Georgia Rat Nest?

The Columbus rats will prefer to live in the urban areas where there is an abundant source of food. The common rat species such as the Norway rat will be usually encountered inside our house particularly in our attic. Rats have an incredible skill to reproduce which will make it difficult to deal with them. You will have to remove them immediately from your house if you don’t want to suffer from a full blown infestation. Getting them out can be a challenge and it can even become more complex if you have a nest full of baby rats.

Signs that the Rats Are Nesting in Your Attic

The Georgia rats will construct their nest using a variety of debris such as plant matters, cottons and twigs and they can be found in the dark areas of our attic. The presence of their nest can be relatively easy to determine especially once you know the signs that you have to look out for. 

  • Droppings- The droppings of the rat may range from ¼ to ¾ inch. The droppings of the baby rat can be considerably smaller.
  • Unusual Sound- Aside from the chattering sound that you will hear at night, you may also hear the squeaking sound from the baby rats.
  • Swollen Nipples- In case the nipples of the female rat has become more pronounced, this is a clear indication that you have a rat nest in your attic.

  • What You Should Do

    Through exclusion, you will be able to prevent the mother Georgia rat from building nest in your Columbus attic. Poor sanitation and holes and gaps in your attic are the perfect recipe for this disaster. You cannot blame the rat for taking advantage of your attic if you have improper handling of your food and trash. If you are concerned about the rat nest in your attic, you need to think of ways to keep your house rat-proof.

    Start by looking for holes that are at least ¼ inch in diameter. Cover them with metal sheets or hardware cloth to keep the rats outside. For the rats that are already inside your house, you should set-up a trap and exclusion funnels. However, these methods will not be effective if you do not deal with the real cause of your problem.

    When cleaning the nesting materials, wear gloves and masks to stay safe. Spray the materials with cleaning solution and leave it for at least 5 minutes. Place the materials inside the trash bag and seal it. Decontaminate your attic using a strong cleaning solution to ensure that your house is free from parasites and pathogens that carry diseases.

    If you don’t want the whole situation to be beyond your control, you need to seek the help of the Columbus experts immediately. They have been fully-trained to determine the root cause of the infestation and deliver a long-term solution to your problem. They also have the necessary equipments and materials to clean the nesting materials and the droppings of the rats.